The True Meaning of Easter

By: Rick Cooper

If you ask some of the older folks, you may hear them say, Easter was Yesterday!

What Easter, is Not about: Easter , is not about Big fluffy bunnies, egg hunts or chocolate candies. Easter means the Son of God has RISEN!

Easter was yesterday in a sense that it happened. Easter is the recognition of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. His Suffering, Pain and Death was all for all of us. He died for our sins and because of our sins.

Think about those words for a minute. John 3:16, He gave his only begotten Son, so that we shall have Eternal Life. Think about that. What would you do for someone you loved?

Easter stands as that reminder that all of our works, money, words and deeds cannot save us. Jesus paid that price for us. He is Risen, Jesus was raised from the dead for our salvation. God, provided us with a Savior.

Jesus being raised from the dead says, the penalty has been paid, that only through him shall we come to God. When we cast our worries and pains on Jesus and ask for forgiveness of our sins, we are forgiven.

Easter also stands for the fact that Jesus was raised by the father and we can have eternal life. To say Easter was yesterday, means It is a day for wearing new clothes, maybe a new hat. It is a day to go to church.

Easter Sunday, maybe the most important day of the year to go to church. Without the very First Easter, there wouldn’t be a church, there wouldn’t be A Christian Religion with the promise of a new and eternal life.

Every Sunday, should be just as important to the Christian. For every Sunday is a reminder that Chris has Risen, on the first day of every week. Every Sunday is also a reminder that of the first Easter and it’s importance.

God Bless

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