Christmas Traditions/Superstitions

Christmas is a holiday that is widely celebrated by people in most every nation. But, if back in the day and possibly even today, if you found yourself in a country that was not your own you may see or have seen some different celebrations or customs observed by the locals.

For instance, in some parts of Europe the farmers would listen to how man Crows the roster would belt out when the farmer carried a lantern into the chicken house at midnight. They believed the number of crows by the rooster would help predict the price of grain next summer.

They also believed that if two lovers floated two candles in a nut shell it would tell them if their marriage would be a happy marriage or a cantankerous one. If the nut shell floated, then their marriage would be filled with bliss. If the nut shell sank and didn’t float they may need to pick a different partner.

The Europeans also believed that if they left a shotgun under the boughs of a barren apple tree that it would cure it from not producing fruit. (I guess it was sort of threatening it or else. Why not put an axe under there, seems to have more meaning).

Most of these customs or superstitions can be traced back to the pagan days, when people held their annual festivals to celebrate the winter soltice and the beginning of longer days. Some of these customs became integrated with other traditions such as the Christmas Tree, Mistletoe and Yule Logs.

The customs and superstitions are man made traditions. Today it seems that most of America has lost the real reason behind Christmas. It’s not just a day when the families gather in celebration by exchanging gifts and eating a meal. We must never forget that this is a celebration about the man who made the ultimate sacrifice for all people. A sacrifice that means with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we may have eternal life in Heaven and not HELL. They are both real and we must never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Ricky Cooper

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