Deer Hunting With Hounds!

We have al seen the portraits of the Englishman horseback following the Fox hounds. I’m sure that you’ve seen one sometime somewhere. Not so long ago, hunters used hounds to hunt deer. This is a big no no today, but I want you to listen to the logic of what these hunters had to say about this style of hunting.

The modern day deer hunter would probably say something like, I like to give the deer a fair chance. I like to be a good sport or sportsman. The hound hunter’s believed they also were giving the deer a fair chance. They mentioned that anyone could climb a tree and ambush a deer. Anyone could locate a deer trail, skinny up a tree and just wait for the deer to walk by and like a sniper, kill a deer. The hunter who sits in a tree, often gets an easy shot when the deer is casually walking down a trail. Or, when the hunters would develope a deer drive.

Their thoughts were, when a deer is being chased by hounds, it becomes a leaping, elusive target that is not easy to hit. The hounds, will usually concentrate on one or two deer which allow the others to slip away. Frequently, it is a doe that is flushed while the wily buck which has bedded down some distance away goes free.

So what do you think, does hound hunting make sense to you?

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Ricky Cooper

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