Ever Heard of AC/DC Baits

The Ac/Dc has nothing to do with electricity. It was just a way of advertising years ago. To lure the fishermen not the fish.

Back in the day, companies called these baits sonar baits. They looked like they would catch fish to the fisherman’s eye. besides, the package had a big company name on it and all the sporting goods stores were selling them, so they must catch fish. Where have you ever heard that before.

These baits had holes along the back of the thin metal minnows that were supposed to allow fishermen to control the wiggle and fish it shallow or deep. Several large companies have designed baits that attract fish not just by action but sound also.

A fisherman can spend a lot of money buying baits or you could make your own. There is nothing like catching fish on a homemade bait. It don’t have to be fancy, It’s just got to catch fish.

So the next time your bored or not having any luck catching fish, open your lunch box or cooler and see if you packed a spoon. That’s right a spoon just like the one you ate those beanie weanies with earlier. many largemouth bass have been caught on a converted clothes pin.

The ideal spoon is a soup spoon, that’s a spoon between a teaspoon and a table spoon.

How To Do It:

First flatten the narrow end about a 1/2 inch down. The cut slits about 3/4 of an inch long on each side. Drill holes on the left and right for rings. Then add a swivel and a treble hook and wal’la you have a fish catcher.

You also might want to bend the prongs a little where the slits are cut, this will give the spoon a little noise making action.

The next time you visit your local bait shop, ask yourself while your standing there overwhelmed by all the baits on the shelf and ask yourself, was these baits designed to catch fish or the fisherman ?

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