Gamakatsu, G Power Stinger Hooks

I have heard it said before that if the fish aren’t hitting your bait, then through a Spinner Bait.

If your like myself and love to watch that spinner bait doing it’s thing or feeling the vibrations of the Oak and the Colorado Leaves in the water, the next best thing is the trailer that you put on it.

Now if your fishing early season or late and the fish just don’t seem to want to move, you better have a trailer on that Spinner. We have all tried different methods of getting a good trailer on a spinner but Gamakatsu, has made it easier and better.

They have come out with their brand new G Power Stinger Trailer Hook. This thing looks a little different I must say. So a little about it.

It comes from the famous B10s series of fly hooks and with a little help from Aaron Martens. That name should be familiar to bass fisherman around the world. The thing that makes it so different is the stretegic design of the eye on the hook. This hook allows the trailer to run through the water and acting just like a real bait that attracts the attention of big bass.

Remember try to put a trailer on your spinner and it keeps sliding up or getting drug off by the grass or other junk, well they fixed that to. They have attached a silicone stopper that you put just above the eye that stops it from sliding up. simple but brilliant.

Some of the Features about this G Power Hook

It has TGW and Nano Smooth Coating on the hook.

Aaron’s custom bent Eye that help keep the trailer running straight at any retrieve rate.

The hook is made of stronger wire in diameter.

It’s compact profile and bend is great at hooking and keeping the fish hooked.

It comes in Sizes 2, 1, and 1/0

The color is Nano Smooth Coat and comes in a pack of 4.

Good fishing and I’ll see you on a Mountain Top or On the Water.

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