Head Scratcher’s

Head Scratchers

I have become used to complaining about so much work and not enough time for Hunting and Fishing. Here in Middle Tennessee, I think we a very fortunate that we have such a great area to do both. Sometimes the regulations seem like head scratchers, but it is what it is. I want to bring your attention to some laws that have been placed on the books around the country that makes me scratch my head with both hands sometimes. Let’s take A look at some strange laws.

In Arizona, you can’t hunt Camels! Why would you want to and how many camels are in Arizona ? according to the Smithsonian website, the last camels were spotted around 1890.


In Georgia, any deer in a lake stream or pond, is off limits. Can’t shoot them.

In New Hampshire, bowhunters must put their Name and address on all their Hunting arrows.

Trail Cameras are illegal during hunting season in Montana

It is illegal in Florida to molest a Key Deer. What, oh. It means refrain from any harassment of a Key Deer. Ok.

In Texas, it is illegal to shoot a Buffalo from a 2nd story hotel window.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to hunt Squirrel Rabbit or other furbearers with dynamite, fire, smoke, brimstone, sulfur, gas or chemical.

In Texas, Bigfoot Hunting is Illegal.

In Wyoming, from January to April it is illegal to take a photo of a Rabbit.

In Alaska, it is illegal to conceal and carry a slingshot.

In Indiana, it is illegal to catch fish with your bare hands.

In Wyoming, you can’t use a firearm to catch fish.

In Alabama, you can’t hunt with Fire or Smoke.                                                       

In Alaska, it is illegal to push a live Moose out of a airplane.

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