How to Photograph Your Trophy !

Photographing your Trophy !

Whenever we have had a successful hunt, we want to be able to share it. Whether its Facebook,  twitter or several other social media sites. We want to show off our prize and get accolades from our friends. Yea, we want to be the talk and be able to brag, just a little.

So, lets set the scene, you have just arrowed that giant buck and you have calmed your nerves enough to climb from your stand. Oh, did I forget that you had to whip out your I-phone and call your girlfriend or hunting buddy first. Ok, now we got that out of the way. So, you have gathered yourself and climbed down from your stand. Your looking for your flash- light and then you remember that ole I-Pone has a flashlight on it. Well it’s one of those apps on there, somewhere. Now with the I-phone flashlight you have found your flashlight in your back- pack and your ready to track the blood trail. Your all most positive you know where that giant buck fell. So, you ease over to look for your arrow and see if it was a heart shot or lung shot. Got to check and see what color of blood is on the arrow.

There he is, dadburn he’s bigger than you thought. You knew he was big, but boy he is a hoss. Now we got to get some picture’s of this beast. So what pose do we want first. Hopefully, your not hunting alone or at least the girlfriend or hunting buddy has showed up by now to take the picture, so you can pose with your trophy.

So what’s next. If you read some of the rules on these hunting groups, they want you to clean up the deer a little. They don’t like to see all that blood or the tounge hanging out. You may need some paper towels or just get some leaves or thick grass if any is available. (just make sure their not in the picture).

Try to make the deer look natural as possible, don’t show him all spread out with his gutted belly exposed. Take notice when taking the picture and try to avoid the red glare of the eyes. Nobody likes the evil eyes.

A lot of hunters like to set the scene, maybe setting their bow across the body of the deer or placing a sponsored or well-liked attractant that they used in during the hunt. Many sponsors or companies like to see social media posts of their product in a picture of a harvested animal. Especially a giant.

Take photo’s at different angles. Remember, you have just harvested a trophy. Your adrenaline is still pumping. Your decision making might not be accurate or clear at the moment. I always like to take lots of pictures. More the merrier, it helps to have a lot of evidence when bragging.

God Bless

Ricky Cooper

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