Indian Legend of the Creation of Man!

The Nes Perez Indians have a tradition concerning the creation of man. According to the Indians, there were in earlier times a dragon which was upon the earth. It went wherever it wanted and destroyed whatever came across it’s path.

There was only one animal capable of evading the dragon. This was the coyote. When all other living things had come victim of the dragon, the dragon decided that the coyote was the only living creature on earth that it could not gain power over.

The dragon commenced searching for the coyote. After a exhausting search all over the earth, the dragon finally met the coyote face to face at the banks of a river. The indians placed a memorial of stones at this sight. Over the years the story was passed down from generations that the creation of man comes from the coyote.

It seems that when the dragon and the coyote met on the river bank, there was a tremendous fight. The coyote used every tactic it knew in the fight with the dragon and after an intense back and forth between the two, the coyote was able to secure the death grip on the dragon’s neck from behind. The dragon could not turn it’s head in such a manner to reach the coyote.

The coyote gnawed the dragon’s neck completely into and found it’s heart and ripped it out. THe blood of the dragon was all over the dirt on the banks of the river and then the coyote’s breath made contact with that dirt and the dirt took form and created the Nez Perze Indian and all decendents of mankind come from the Nez Perez Indians.

I found this interestiong just like all Indian folklore. Hope you did too.

Keep your feet dry and your eye’s down range.

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