QDMA and NDA Merge! Due To Covid-19

QDMA and NDA Merge!
The national deer alliance and the quality deer Management Association have announced a joint venture that unifies the two organizations into one. This will allow them to become a super group in deer conservation. Seizing an opportunity to work more effectively for deer during a challenging period in Wildlife Conservation.
The crisis by the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many organizations hard and we are turning the tables by using the situation combined with many challenges deer and deer hunters or facing, as an opportunity to become laser focused on delivering a mission that serves deer hunters and the industry effectively and efficiently said Nick Pinizzotto, President and CEO of National Deer Alliance who will lead the new group .
The two teams will unify through an immediate strategic planning process that will finalize the organization’s name and structure before the fall of 2020 hunting season. Unification will be complete by the end of the year, providing a clear direction for work leading into 2021.
The merging of the national deer alliance and the quality deer Management Association makes sense. In 2014 quality deer Management Association formed the national deer alliance to serve as the unified voice of the modern Deer Hunter and Guardian of wild deer. Both groups continue to achieve unique victories for all deer hunters, unification will end duplication of effort in many ways, allow for more efficient operations and maximize effectiveness. Being similar, the missions of quality deer Management Association and the national deer alliance blend easily, leaving familiar fundamental values in place while creating ample room for adaptation to the changed landscape of fund raising and Wildlife Conservation.
The timing could not be better said Sam Burgeson the National Deer Alliance board chairman. Sam said with the challenges facing deer, deer conservation and the sport of deer hunting today, this merger provides exciting and unique opportunities to bring together our resources and strengthen our ability to carry out our mission.
With a growing list that includes counterproductive wildlife policy, shrinking Hunter numbers, loss of habitat, the rapid spread of chronic wasting disease and other challenges, the need for a strong nonprofit leader in deer conservation has never been greater. The boards, leadership and Staffs of both groups believe now is the opportunity to join forces and form the most efficient effective dear group in the history of modern hunting. No two organizations are better positioned or equipped to do more for the future of deer hunting and North America’s most important game species .

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