Rattlesnake Antidote

In every rattlesnake there is a small sac about the size of a bean attached to the intestines. This sac is filled with a brownish fluid and that fluid is the cure for a bite from a rattlesnake according to a Mexican folk tale.

If the fluid is applied immediatley after a bite to the patient they will not even suffer any swelling or pain from the bite.

It has been said that back in the day, many Mexicans carried with them at all times this sac of fluid when they were in the mountains and deserts. THese Mexicans would kill all the rattlers they came upon and then store the fluid in a bottle made from a rifle shell which they would cork.

It maybe that this fluid is the secret of the Moki Indians and accounts for the immunity that they were to have said to enjoy from the poison of the rattler. THe people who have attended there annual snake dances and have seen dancers bitten have wondered why the bites were not fatal.

The secret of the snake bite immunity is a closely regarded secret of the Mokis and is kept within a select group of the leaders.

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