Small but Important Fishing Tips.

To many fisherman finds themselves when getting ready for fishing concentrating on the big things of fishing. Like finding time to go fishing or the best place to go fishing. Or maybe getting the wife to agree to a short fishing trip instead of taking a cross country vacation.

Most fishermen forget things like accuracy, stealth and wise choice of lures. First of all, learn to be an accurate caster. Over shooting or undershooting the target can ruin a good fishing spot and it tears down your confidence in your fishing ability.

The best way that I have heard and tried is go into your back yard. Get a bucket and cast toward it. Practice makes perfect. If your used to fishing from a boat, do like the bow hunters and build a platform to stand or sit on. Make the platform about the same height as your boat is. It’s pretty easy to do with old pallets. Once you have mastered accuracy you have just defeated the greatest obstacle facing most fisherman.

As for stealth, you have to stalk the larger game fish (they didn’t get that big by being easy to catch). Don’t wear bright clothes when fishing. don’t cast a shadow on the water where your trying to catch fish. Stay quiet, the only noise a fish should hear is your lure hitting the water.

If your fishing a weedy area, don’t use a lure that is going to constantly hang up, switch to a weed-less lure. And don’t use a shallow running lure in deep water. If the water is calm, try a top-water lure with a fast noisy retrieve or a quiet slow retrieve.

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