The Art Of Mastery

One of the greatest mistakes of people today make is, that they are attempting to many things and fail to master any of them.

Man is placed on this earth not as a finality but as an individual with unknown possibilities, until he realizes his ability. Until he catches a vision of his individual life for which he is responsible, he is merely staggering through the day and will never become a master of anything.

Whether a man succeeds or fails depends largely on himself. He must first picture himself a master before he can become a master. He must first see that goal for which he is striving. He must not think of himself as being a mere nothing and that he was never intended to become a master, but rather that he is a created soul of God possessing great possibilities.

Those possibilities would lie stagnet but for the realization of them, actuated by courage, energy, stability and determination. Without them no man can succeed.

You may ask the question, Why is it that some succeed while other fail with the same opportunities and advantages? The answer is because one had the determination, energy and stability. He is a master of self among the details at the strategic moment.

No man will become a master in one day, but it is the man who works and labors day after day that becomes master of his domain.

We see the man who labors day after day at his profession to be the master of it, the result of becoming a blessing to God and fellow man. He did not become the master on day one, but step by step he slowly climbed over the difficulties until he reached the position of master. That he holds today.

He may feel that he did not accomplish as much as he would have liked, but God says “There is a master”, there is a man who paid the price.

There are failures, those who fail to want of purpose and the lack of determination and energy.

Many men have started out with the same tools but become weary and tired. They give up on his dreams and ideas, then he becomes old and worn with years he looks back over his past life with regretful memories to the opportunities that were given to him and things, if he had only not lost the vision of what he wanted to accomplish. Oh, if I had made use of the talent that God had given to me. With a sad memory of his opportunities he goes to the grave with the feeling that his life was wasted.

Do you have a dream or vision of what you want to accomplish? Do you have the determination to succeed? What do you want to Master Today?

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