The Gun Question: By Ricky Cooper

In recent years we have seen mass shooting’s all over the world. We have seen politicians, who have wanted to ban certain weapons. Weapon’s of mass destruction.

We have seen social groups demand gun manufactures to be held accountable for the actions of people who buy one of the weapons. I will get to the crux of this story, but first I want to ask a few questions. Why isn’t anyone advocating for the alcohol makers who sell their product and causes people to get DUI’s or car crashes that kill innocent people to be held accountable. How about the drug dealers who ship tons of drugs into our country every day. I know they say that we need to help the drug users and stop the desire for drugs instead of eradicating the drug pushers. Whatever.

So, to get to the main topic that we came here for. The government has been trying to figure out a way to take our guns since before the Civil War (or the War between the States). It will never happen. I Pray.

In 1955, in Washing D.C. a Highly esteemed Police Adviser and Crime Authority gave this advice to residents locally and abroad: Get Rid Of That Gun! Why, not because they were committing crime with them, but here are his three reasons why no one should have a gun in their house, Or at least a handgun. Remember Joe Biden said, all we need is a shotgun.

Here are his top 3 reason: Handgun’s lead to spur of the moment crime. 2. They get into the hands of Criminals. 3. They draw the fire of Armed Robbers. Really. This was a police officer in a city that has been plagued with crime and has more Criminals (sorry Politicians) than any other state in the Union even before Washington was President.

The police recommended a “Gun Surrender Week”. Does that sound familiar, like Gun Buy Back ? See where I’m going here. I want you to remember, in 1955 the Vietnam war was about to happen and their was civil unrest all over the south. Emmett Till had been lynched and the boycott’s were going on. I don’t think there were that many handguns in use during this era, mainly because not man people could afford the ammo to go out and practice, so they weren’t sure of their accuracy. For this reason, they preferred their shotgun Joe.

Anyway, their were a few response’s to this Gun Surrender week, as you might expect, it was the same as today:

The point was made, that if the Police, could guarantee that the criminals who are usually intoxicated with liquor and narcotics, not to mention the insane people along with the Fascists and Communist that could do harm to them or their families would agree to the Gun Surrender then yes they would hand over their guns.

Another person reminded the Police Advisor of the history of the “Gun Amnesty Week” in England in the 1940″S that resulted in the United States having to send them weapon’s due to the rise in crime after instituting the strangling gun possessions laws.

That’s just a few response’s from Law Abiding Citizens who see gun control for what it is. The only thing that gun control does is provide the criminal a free hand to commit crimes while the citizens become sitting ducks because across the nation we have understaffed overworked Police Departments.

Nothing will deter criminals as much as the fear of sudden death. The United States has always relied on the Citizen Soldier in the time of war and we should not defer from this during peace time.

Just recently in New York, the Sullivan Law was struck down by the Supreme Court. This law was implemented in 1911. Why was this law passed ? Was it because of a mass shooting ? No! It was because of a murder suicide near a public Park. The City Corner pressed politicians to pass such a law, after dealing with so many violent crimes that actually took place in Sullivan’s district.

The Gun Control law was pushed by Tim Sullivan a politician, who was a known corrupt politician with ties to Tammany Hall and was said to be an expert at Election Fraud. Even longtime friend Bat Masterson (yep the gunfighter on tv) said the law was obnoxius and questioned the state of mind of Sullivan at the time.

Not even a year later, Sullivan was committed to a sanitarium and ended up dead on rail road tracks after escaping the sanitarium about a year after admittance to the sanitarium.

But the Sullivan act, didn’t just go after the citizens guns. Oh No, It made blackjacks, bludgeons, sandbags, metal knuckles and billie clubs as dangerous weapons. It was a felony to sale or possess any of these or a gun.

Citizens could still get a gun permit to carry, but they had to get that permission, they had to go to the police and explain why they needed it. Have you ever seen a police officer who thinks it’s a good idea for a citizen to have a gun?

My final thought on this is that through-out history, it has never been proven that taking guns from law abiding citizens reduces crime.

Keep this in mind: A DICTATORSHIP HAS NEVER, been imposed on any free country with-out a fire-arms registration law being put into law first, so that it would make it simple to confiscate all the guns held by Private Citizens.

God Bless

Ricky Cooper

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