Why You Need A Back-up Camera

Why a Back-up Camera is Handy

Does your license plate look like it has been hit by a tank?  If you are like this ole outdoorsman, then you probably don’t have a brand- new truck. If you have seen the tv commercials with the Chevy, disappearing trailer camera, then you may be thinking it might be a good idea.  We all know that trucks are expensive today. Heck, I just found out recently that my old 94 Chevy has a computer. I thought it was old enough that I didn’t have this problem. Anyway, so if your truck is like mine, you also don’t have a back- up camera. Not everyone wants all the gadgets that come with a newer truck, but a back- up camera sure is nice. (If you have a fishing buddy that can help direct you, is also a good idea.) With a back -up camera hooking up to the boat or backing down a boat ramp just got easier.

We have all been there trying to hook up to a trailer or boat and we back up and get out to look how close we are, get back in the truck and back up some more. Then suddenly you hear the tongue of the trailer hit the bumper or license plate. You get out and look and then have to pull up some more. Get out and look and then get tired of the back and forth, strain to push or pull the trailer over to where you can hook up. Your tired before you ever get on the water.

In May 2018 a federal law was passed made a back -up camera standard equipment on all passenger cars trucks and vans over 10,000 lbs.

So, what if you are like me and have an auto that was built before 2018? Well you have a couple of options. There are after- market wireless cameras that can be bought from like Amazon or Best Buy usually has something that can work for your truck. Most of the time it’s not a big hassle to install an after- market camera system. The camera can even mount in the license plate holder and since the monitor is wireless, put it in the glove box until needed. I looked at Amazon and the camera system with the best reviews and under $100.00 before shipping and all that was the LASTBUS Anti-Theft Rear View camera that mounts in the license plate holder with a 5- inch monitor. https://www.amazon.com

It’s Water- Proof and has Night Vision. So, when your backing down that boat ramp, before first light you can see that your still on the ramp. Not to mention, the safety of making sure you don’t run over anyone or back into the water too far. Another option and I don’t think is anywhere as good or safe as a back- up camera. 

This is the Hitching Rods Kit. Simply place on magnet on the trailer and the other on the ball of your truck and line them up. I must say, this is ok, but not as good as the camera. With the camera you get to see what is behind the truck and make sure you are not driving over your fishing buddy. Even though these things cost less than $20.00 I still like the camera.

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