All Come Home To Roost

There is joy in doing the right thing always. Thee is sorrow always in doing the wrong thing. The joy or sorrow may not follow immediately, but it will surely follow.

There is not a thing that brings affliction to one’s mind or body but can be found if we go far enough back. All consequences have causes that partake of their nature.

All this may be short of what waldo would do. So much the better. It is as close to life as the kernel is to the shell. It goes with us whenever we talk, trade visit or work. When we write, ride or run in politics. There is not a thing done but that is ticketed with the appropriate consequence. The ticket is never lost. It may seem some time to be blurred or hidden, but at last it appears. Since the world was started it never failed to.

The man who lies, cheats or steals will some times find the consequence appear in a form that seems unrelated to the offense. It might not appear in the loss of money or his house burning down, but it may be a steel thrust into the heart of his dearest hope. No fortune, no-friendship will stand in the way. “we get back our allotment as we measure, and it is as true as 12 inches make a foot.

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