Have Faith and Fear Not

This world is largely what we make it. Destiny, environment, hereditary tendency. These things sink into insignificance beneath the power of our wills and the possibilities within our souls.

The universe, with all it’s riches and all it’s privileges all it’s joys is our’s for the getting. It waits to be conquered, but it waits for the master hand. Formidable is everthing worth while to the fearful, to te doubtful and to the weak in spirit.

To these every obstacle is magnified. To the brave in heart there are no obstacles. They wade through them and use them as stepping stones. They are impelled by hope begot of their faith. They are sustained by courage begot of their hope. They have strength and endurance, begot if their courage.

Ther-in from the emanates success and ther-in lies the antidote of worry.

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