Buck Bourbon

No not that kind of bourbon! well kind of not. Even though they are kind of related.Like any other Deer Hunter, I am always looking for an edge when it comes to deer hunting. The latest thing and greatest thing that I have found is an attractant and very nutritious for the deer.

I am sure that like myself you walk down the isle at the big box stores and you smell the aroma of deer feeds and attractants. I can’t remember where I heard this, but is the smell to attract deer or deer hunters.

Well, I promise you this stuff is for the deer. It does have a smell that I know the deer love and it is good for them. So what is the story behind it and where can you get it?

It all started over 10 years ago when a deer hunter decided to start his own Outfitting business. Like most of us George was using shelled corn as an attractant and feed. again, like us George wanted the best for his business. So he started mixing products, and after several failed attempts he found gold.

Once the word got out that George had found the secret recipe to attracting deer and also harvesting great deer as a result of his product, the local deer hunters came calling. Then, George decided that maybe he would share his product with other deer hunters and maybe help them boost the health of their herd and increase their chances of taking a prized buck.

Some may wonder where does the name come from? well, being as George and his company are from the center of the Bourbon Trail or Kentucky they decided to pay homeage to the local industry. They even named their first attractant 100 proof.

It’s not just the attractant that has provided such success for George and his Outfitter business. They practice a regime that all of us probably should follow.

George starts feeding Mineral in January, he says this is when bucks are attempting to recover from the Rut and the Does are pregnant and need the proper nutrition for fawn development.

George recommends (where legal) feeding a High Protein/High Fat supplemental feed at the same time as the mineral. George, also recommends feeding mineral and supplemental feed throughout the summer. he say’s this will help your bucks continue to have a steady supply of mineral and nutrients that will allow them to reach their full potential and also help keep the does healthy while nursing fawns which will produce a healthier deer herd.

George says, it all starts in the womb. to have a healthy fawn, mom and dad have to be healthy also.

So what are their Products:

  1. Buck Bourbon 101 Proof: 101, is a rich in protein sweet feed sometime called the Spill and Kill type Attractant.It also has Trace Minerals. Even though baiting is Illegal here in Tennessee, I know this is going to get you all the Game camera pics that you want. Remember, this is an attractant so use your imagination. Use this to get the deer where you want them and figure out how to keep them their and their pattern. To keep them where you want them, look at the next product.
  2. Buck Bourbon Barrel Proof: This is a protein feed that, is designed to be fed year around. It contains Natural Oils for flavoring that have been used in the Cattle Industry to reduce insects by 50%. It has not been scientificly proven,but may help prevent EHD and other problems with insects.
  3. Buck Bourbon On The Rocks: This is an Unique Blend of loose granular Mineral and chucks of Himalayan Salt with George’s favorite flavoring that the deer find irresistible.
  4. Buck Bourbon Hard Licker: This is a 25 lb protein block, that can be used in hard to get to area’s to feed your deer herd.
  5. Buck Bourbon Hard Cider: this is a 25 lb apple flavored Mineral Block.

So, where can you get this great Deer attractant and feeds. It may be closer than you think. As of this writing, Buck Bourbon should be in most Tractor Supply Stores.

It comes in 8 lb bags with a carry handle. Get some and send us some of your pictures.

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