Keeping Warm During The Hunt Part 2

In part 1 we talked about products to keep you warm and make your time in the woods more comfortable and enjoyable.

Another product is the Milwaukee Heated Gear. This gear was not intentionaly made for the hunter. It was actually made for the construction worker (disclaimer: I may be wrong, but I think I am correct or mis-informed) It was designed for the cold temperatures that the construction worker faces when on the job. Reember folks the construction worker doesn’t stop just because it is cold or hot. They build America everyday all year long. The M12 has patented Carbon Figer heating elements that trap and generate heat at the core of our body.It also cuts down on the bulky layers that are no longer necessary.

How does it work? This gear also has 3 setting and allows the wearer to adjust it to their comfort level. It operates with RedLithium CP2.0 battery that has about a 8 hour run time.
The gear is available in a Toughshell Jacket, Axis Jacket Vest, Hoodie’s and gloves. This year they have the USB Rechargable Heated Workskin Midweight base layer. It is powered by the REdLithium USB 3.0 OAH battery. THe Heating elements provide even heat distribution throughout the chest and upperback area’s of the body. It has double lined polyester body, fleece lined armes and raglan sleeves and seamless shoulders. It comes in sizes small to 3x for men and women.

I know we all have our own ideas about brands and what we like. This is just a few Ideas that I ran across lately. Happy hunting and stay warm and safe.

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