How to Keep Warm While Hunting In Cold Weather

I don’t know about you, but my feet are the firt thing that gets cold when I am out in the cold weather. Even if I am just getting out of the truck for a few minutes and jumping back in where the truck heater wil warm me back up. My feet sweat all the time. I know that may be gross to some, but it’s the truth.

I have tried different boots, different socks i even tried rubbing deoderant on my feet. It didn’t work. So what I have found is to wear one set of socks to the woods and then change into another pair. Use lots of foot warmers and try to keep my feet off the ground. If I am hunting in a blind, I will use something underneath my feet like old carpet or a moving blanket. But that stuff get wet and then it may either freeze or be all wet and that make my feet even colder. Something I am trying this year is a mat on the floor of my blinds. It’s not exactly like the one you would stand on at your shop counter but similar. The are Anti-Fatigue Mats. They even snap together like a puzzell piece.

Stand hunting I will try and use something like card board or carpet to kee the wind off the bottoms of my feet.

Whether your hunting in a blind or stand (I’m not talking about a high dollar box blind, where you may have a heater) even though I have never tried using my buddy heater in my blinds.

If your like me a just a regular hunting guy, then there are some things that may make your hunting experience a little more comfortable. Remember, the longer yur in the woods the more opportunites you should have to take a deer.

so, lets start at the top and work our way down. I dont have a whole lot of hair left and I also have those dumbo ears, or like my dad used to say ” your ears look like a 57 chevy with both doors open” anyway that was his opinion. So for my head I like to wear a nice fitting beanie or toboggan. I also like to use the no sweat strips that are pretty cheap when you think about it. (See the link t the bottom) They are good for summer time also. What the no sweat strips do is absorb all the sweat from you brow and keeps you from getting cold. Take them out and replace them as necessary.

Now for my ears, i will use the old huckleberry haound type hat. with a small beanie and this hat that comes down and buckles under your chin will keep me warm for hours. I sometimes feel like a racecar driver when I come out of the woods and get back to the truck. I start taking off the layers that have kept me warm.

Next we go to your core of your body. Look if your serious about hunting in cold weather, buy the very best you can you can. don’t buy it because it’s cheap. There is a reason why the big box stores can sale things cheaper than others. They like to call it quanity or quality. The truth is when you walk int walmart and pick up a pair of wranglers, they feel different from the ones at tractor supply. The jeans at tsc are better quality fabric, but they do cost a little more. I am not saying to buy from tsc, I am just saying to get what you need to stay warm. I promise you being warm/cold for extended periods of time may be the difference between taking a trohy or being back in the truck when a troy walks by where you had previously been sitting. I guarantee it. I had a construction worker tell me once, he said people are always asking how he could stnd to work construction out in he cold weather ? he said I do get cold, but not like you would think. He said we buy quality clothes, like carhart and good made clothes.

Lets get back to our subject now that I have chased that rabbit. Use a good thermal base layer. You dont want your clothes to be so thick that you can’t mover comfortably. but you want to be warm and have the ability to get into or out of your blind or stand. No your not going to be as warm as if your home in bed, but the deer ain’t standing in your bedroom either.

Generate Heat

I often find my feet getting cold as I have already said, So I am constantly changing socks. I have even got the heated insoles for my boots.

Waterproof Heated Insoles W/ Remote LG 10/10.5/11

another thing that you can get is a heat wrap at one of the big box stores, like this one. It does help, trust me.

Icy Hot Medicated XL Backpatch (3 Ct), No Mess Pain Relief

You can wear a turtleneck shirt(if you can find one). Never forget the boot blankets or the artic shield

Icebreaker Boot Blanket, XL / Mossy Oak BreakUp by Gempler's

So lets recap, get good moisture wicking socks (get extra socks, so yu can change while in the outdors. remember what the soldiers in Vietnam constantly said. We had o take care of our feet. The soldiers were constanly in the water and thier feet were always wet. They would take extra socks and when thy got a chance they stopped and changed their socks. So should you in cold weather. et some of the boot blankets or artic shield boot covers. What ever you can afford.

Next get some thermals (NO Cotton) that is a big thing. You only want wool with a wicking layer underneath. I will give you a example. I have a vest that I wear under my coat and I will usally only wear it on the way to the blind. I will carry my coat not wear it. when I get to the stand I take off the vest and put on the coat. or if I have nother vest i will change into it. I like the vest’s because my arms are not restricted from movement. Back to the vest, when I reach the blind and take off my vest, I have in the past had my cell hone in one of the pockets. My body is dry but my phone will have condensation on it where the vest material is wicking up my sweat from the walk.

Get some good Boots. What ever you can afford. There are several brands out there, do some research. Look at the reviews and make sure it is a verified purchase and not a paid review. God created all of us different, so what works for me may not work for you.

always pack extra hand and feet warmers. You never know when your going to be in the zone. By that I mean you may sot a good buc and he is staying just a little out of range but keeps hanging around. You dont want to have to go to the truck to get warm. wait him out and to do that you have got to be prepared.

Another thing to kee you prepared is some food. You want Carbs. Carbs produce heat. Drink something warm. if your like me and dont like coffe much, get some tea or something. eat oatmeal and peanut butter ( i like peanut butter crackers) Friut or what ever you can eat quietly.

If you are cold you will not stay in the woods as long as you need to. Never allow anything to restrict your time in the woods. Should it be cold weather of something else.


Ricky Cooper

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