Christmas, What its really about!

Christmas, a joyful time of Peace, Lights and Snow if your lucky.

Today, Christmas has become too commercilized some believe. i’m not going to say their totaly wrong. People get so caught up in buying presents or selling nicknaks that they seem to forget what Christmas is truly about. They seem to forget about the religous and Spiritual aspects of Christmas.

Every person makes their own christmas in our hearts. Our ideas, our motovations and actions toward fellow man. Only you know what Christmas means to you.

It has been said that Christmas belongs to the kids, not the adults.Brightly paper wrapped presents under the tree and flashing lights on the house describes Christmas to the kids. the adults, it may meantime spent with distant relatives or visiting the old home place.

The significant meaning of Christmas should be to all of us the fact that a child was born in Bethleham and because of that birth man may strive for eternal salvation.

The true meaning of Christmas is not lost only on the kids but through faith good wil and love that we enter into the observance of a great celebration. Only through man’s own virtue does he not participate in the true celebrationof Christmas.

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