Common Sense

Sometimes, the situation that we find ourselves in could have been avoided if we had practiced a little common sense.

If we would just slow down and think things through, with honest moral reasoning. We might just discover that our problems are largely of our own bad decisions.

Things that make us snap with excitement, often dull or fall out of flavor, as quickly as they first appeared.

Sometimes, when you meet someone who can’t tell you of the latest fad or what’s happening in the world people may say something like this guy must live under a rock or is out of touch with reality. No, that’s just a someone who lives outside the box of the hustle.

The man who may think that he has figured out life with the limited knowledge the size of a grain of sand, has the same final destination as everyone else. Heaven or Hell!

We should try to practice looking for the good, instead of always seeing the worst of everything. We should try looking at the bright side of life.

Look for wisdom. Wisdom, much wisdom is found in the Bible. The bible can teach us all how to bear the burdens we sometimes go through in life.

History, teaches us of the problems and glories deeds that noble men found and conquered through-out humanity.

Don’t dwell on everything in a serious manner, your entire life. That’s just wasting precious time. Half of life is usually spent in pursuits of happiness, If not for the pursuit of happiness our lives would be nothing but darkness.

In this pursuit, is where we find music and art. Some say too much happiness leads to A frivolous lifestyle, But common sense must be applied to all facets of our life. How do we know the difference or where to find it ? Follow the book of common sense, The Bible.

God Bless

Rick Cooper

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