God’s Outdoors

There is nothing more beautiful than God’s Outdoors, except the Creator and Ruler of all nature. Even if we were not told in the inspired word that the Lord is for a diadem of beauty to His people, we would know him to be a God of beauty by the works of his hands.

The outdoors are beautiful because they came directly from the source of all beauty, and their teachings are minimized or enlarged by the conception we have of the Being from which all nature sprang.

Those who know not God in all their thoughts may learn many lessons of value from nature for this present life, but those who see God and recognize His presence in all things about them derive wisdom, profit and pleasure.

Both for the present and the future life. In considering now that what God’s beautiful outdoors teaches we shall give special emphasis to the lessons bearing upon the Christian’s belief in God’s revelations of His beneficent purposes to the world.

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