Secret of Overcoming Power

AS Jesus, alone and hungry faced the tempter in the wilderness and conquered for our sakes the enemy of man. He used the weapons man must use if like his Lord he means to overcome.

Renouncing self!.

Acknowledging His need.

Facing His foe as man his foe must face.

He whipped the shining blade of God’s eternal word from it’s warm scabbard in his well stored mind and heart and dared on God. We stand ashamed before a scene like this, in which the Son of God faces the adversary of the race and conquers with weapons meant for man.

We can not fathom all the mystery that shrouds the working of His mind (human and divine). But we may prove in fierce temptation’s hour how worthy are the means He used. If like Him, we cast ourselves behind and put the word and grace of God before, as shield and sword we shall be sure of that same victory which He achieved.

Which will form the theme of ransomed souls before the throne of God.

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