The Bass Fisherman

Some people will swear that bass fisherman are human. And, maybe they are. But not like the others that inhabit this planet, and not like any other creature that swims, crawls, walks or flies.

The typical bass fisherman is a quietly dedicated man/woman who does not sing the praises of their sport so that all may hear and join. He would rather be left alone, to pursue fish in his own way with no distractions to mar the perfection of the symphony he creates for himself.

He has no use for crowds, hot streets or bright lights. To him Utopia is a quiet spot where a 5 pound bass is playing leap frog over the lily pads.
Take a bass fisherman on a Trout trip and he will enjoy himself. He will join the others and fish faithfully with a fly rod and bits of hair and feathers, trying to lure in a rainbow trout. But, after a couple of three days of this his eye will begin to dull and it is obvious his thoughts are wondering.
A few more days and he will be asking the fishing guides, “know any places around here where a feller might catch a bass”?

In many respects a bass fisherman is much more dedicated to his craft than a highly touted trout fisherman. For one, he spends more for his fun. He buys mountains of tackle, several rods and reels.

He has got to have the latest’s biggest outboard motor, made specifically for fisherman. He buys a new rod and reel every year, just in case he might break or lose one. Maybe this year he will get a new landing net, minnow bucket and some hooks . Lot’s of terminal tackle and more lures.
He is alert to new ideas and also ready for more insights in where the fish are and what their hitting.

He is ready to read new books and magazines, bask in the luck of others who have tried something new, that worked for them. He constantly experiments with theories that spring up from time to time.

He may smell like an old duck, but he is human. He’s just a bass man.

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