The Quiet Sport! Hunting

No matter what your hunting, Deer, Squirrel or any other varmint that roams God’s green earth they usually have something in common. You have to be quiet to be successful.

We all have that touch of Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett in us, even if there’s a grocery store on every corner now days.

We like to think of ourselves as Manly Men, we like to go to the woods and bring back the meat. We like to think of how it would have been to live like the Mountain Men who conquered the great Continent.

It doesn’t matter if your a banker, laborer or preacher. Nearly everyone likes to go hunting. It reminds me of being 16 years old and going hunting with Great Uncles and Cousins. The camraderie that men have when on a hunting trip is something that shouldn’t have to be explained and probably wouldn’t be understood by anyone who hasn’t had the experience.

On a typical hunting day, we are out of our bedrolls before daylight and in the woods at our spot when daybreak comes.

Hunting is a quiet sport. yea I done said that once or twice. No matter your prey, if you plan on stalking an animal, it will take skills. Skills that are not normal unless he practice by slipping into the house late at night to avoid waking up your wife from a all night coon hunt. if your wife is like mine, you’ll have better luck slipping up on a ninja.

Hunting isn’t the only thing that men do on trips like this, there is the normal talk and bragging. You have never heard some stories like you will around a campfire. Men will tell stories that make a preacher scratch his head and mumble a prayer for the one telling it.

Be careful when bragging at deer camp, you may have to back it up. It’s what we like to call “Eating Crow” and several hunters has lost his shirt-tail after a day’s hunt. It’s usually the loudest, biggest talking or smartest hunter on the night before opening day that goes home without a shirt-tail.

Most of the time it’s all good fun, but never go hunting with someone that you wouldn’t let borrow your truck. If he can’t drive your truck, how you going to listen to him talk all week at camp.

Usually it all fits into the picture of hunting. Time away from everything and everybody with a chance to feel like a man, even if it’s just for a week-end.

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