The Cost of Ignorance

Anyone who has kids or has attempted to further their education, knows that schools and universites are expensive. But ignorance is far more expensive.

The United States, will pay a serious price for ignorance. Take for example the abolishment of student loans. The stupidity makes the people ripe fruit for the manipulation of our government. The leadership of our coutry is attempting to make some of the citizens agents of their propaganda of destructive ideas that will interfere with orderly industry all over the world.

It seems to me that governments want to keep the world in turmoil with their scheming and effort to overthrow our society and constitution.

The contaigion of this ignorance affects the producing power of the great masses of people who do things the right way. The decesions made by governments affects people all over the world and assistes in keeping the cost of living high.

I will agree that insufficient education only produces inefficient production in the world.

So why would someone who never attended a University care if some engineer gets his student loans wiped away. Well, the merchandise had a price on it for a reason, how did the universities come into existance to begin with ? Someone with money, started the school. The brick and mortar didn’t just get together one day and decide to form a building.

Somewhere someone mined the rock and sand to make the brick, cut down the trees to make the wood for walls and etc. And guess what, they all got paid to do it. So if you wipe away the debt, then how does the school stay in business? If you have ever went to a University you might say the cost of too high anyway. Just like any big box store, there is always a cheaper option, but it may not have a name brand that your proud of. But who cares about a name brand, unless your not paying for yourself.

Schools are cheaper than ignorance, and the American people are about to learn just how ignorant our leader are.

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