The Simple Life

To live a life that is like Spring water, clear sweet and from the original source. To live like your life is a holiday everyday. To be happy and satisfied with what you have and where your at. To never be a cog in the wheel and to never lose your individuality.

To have only God, as your master. To never be a slave to bad habits and to look for simple pleasure everywhere and in everything. To live a life of enjoyment and share that enjoyments with others. To know things and make the best of them.

To feel defeated is a good sign, the more resources a man has the deeper he will feel the defeat. To feel elated at victory, indicates that our strength didn’t warrant it that we have gone beyond our resources.

It seems that today there is only the alternative of every man to either conquer or be conquered. It’s what the wave says to the swimmer, Use me or drown. It’s what gravity says to the baby, use me or fall, what the wind says to the sailor, use me or be wrecked. What our passions say to man, use me and drive or be driven.

I want to live a life that is simple and immediate without all the false wrappings. To see the fire that warms me or better yet to cut the wood that feeds the fire that warms me. To see the spring where the water bubbles up that quinche’s my thirst and to dip my bucket into it.

To live where the air and the water is fresh and exhilarating. TO be refreshed by a morning walk, to find the taste of wild berries more satisfying than tropic fruit. To be thrilled by the night stars or the sight of wild flowers in the spring.

They say these are some of the rewards of the simple life. I know I sure do miss the mountains and hate this rat race.

Until I catch you down the trail, next time.

Ricky Cooper

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