The Cumberland Plateau

Most people, especially those who live in other parts of the United States and who have not had the opportunity to learn by observing the people and customs of the Cumberland Plateau section. Think of it much as the same as the old south.

They are badly mistaken, as they are also in their ideas relative to the class of people who live there.

The Southern Mountain region, covers an area larger than the whole German Empire. There are 219 counties in the Virginia’s, Carolina’s, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. These counties constitute the southern mountain country.

Conditions of life in the mountain region are rural. The majority of the mountain folks are decendant’s of Revolutionary soldiers.

Family affection, patriotism and neighborliness are no where more finely developed than among the mountain people.

Nearly every home has a Bible and it’s hymn book. The people show among there people as much love, prayer and sacrifice as the cultured big cities, if not more

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