Nature’s Message

Go wherever you want and what thing in all nature can you see that does not offer a message?

The ground on which you walk is saturated with knowledge and truth. The flowers that bloom in the gardens and fields are radiant teachings of purity and peace. The plants and trees are forever telling of divine and immutable truths.

The birds tell of heaven with their love warbling’s in the green twilight. The sparrow is a preacher of truth. The hen clucks and broods her chicks, unconscious that to the end of the world she is part and parcel of a revelation of God to man.

The sheep that bleat from the pastures, the hungry wolves that blink in the forest, the serpent that glides noiselessly in the grass, the raven that flies heavily across the field. The lily over which his shadow passes, the plough, the sickle. of them are consecrated priests un-robbed teachers, revelators that see no vision of themselves. But that bring to us thoughts of truth, contentment, hope and love.

All are ministers of God. The whole earth doth praise Him, and show forth his glory.

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