The Fish Are Where?

There is one spot that should never be overlooked in hot weather fishing and that is the lone water soaked log that is usually found more or less on every lake.

The old snag will be found with one end just about sticking out of the water and the other end running far down in the water and imbedded in the mud bottom.

It’s a hundred to one shot there are bass down around the old veteran of the forest. One of these old snags I remember well, it got to be a regular habit as we passed it each time we went fishing. On our way out or back in from our fishing adventures, we would stop and let a minnow down along this snag and catch at least a bass or two before we moved on.

No one would believe a lone snag sticking up out of the water would sometimes give us the catch of the day. It may only be the smallest branches but the cast over alongside can produce good fish, just sitting there waiting on a free meal.

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