Why The outdoorsman Get’s It!

Aside from the pleasure derived from the anticipation and realization of hunting and fishing, the outdoors has a real value for any and all people.

Ever wonder why you hear about doctor’s who go on hunting and fishing trips? It’s because they know and appreciate the recuperative value of such an outing and they don’t consider the time spent in such pursuit’s as time wasted.

Time in the great outdoors is not time wasted. It may be the means of getting back or retaining your health and good health is everything.

Look at some examples the outdoors offers: Your breathing fresh clean air. Your getting exercise. Your mind is clear and your exercising your mind by using your brain by paying attention to things around you. Your seeing new things, recognizing your place in the eco-system. Etc.

The knowledge of hunting an fishing is a real business asset. A trip out in the open country will give you a better and closer fellowship with man and God than a meeting in a board room or luncheon. It will give you insights to how other men think, for if a business man doesn’t have the instincts of a sportsman, it will show up pretty soon, especially if the setting is not in their favor or lady luck is not on their side.

If a man is a good sport you will see it soon enough and thee is a certain bonding feeling between real sportsman that counts for more than any other association. If a man is fair and square in the sporting field, he will almost always be just as square in his business dealings.

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