Worldly Success

Much depends on the Ideas of Life’s purpose.

Whether a man’s life in this world is successful or not depends on the idea which is held of the purpose for which life is given.

If we believe that death ends all, the conclusion may not be unreasonably reached that the successful life is one unto which are crowded the greatest number of material blessings and the least amount of earthly dis-comfort.

But, if on the other hand we are convinced that our brief stay in the world of existence was designed to be a preparation for an endless here-after, then that is the successful life in which such preparation is most adequately made.

The question is therefore primarily the great and abiding on of man’s immortality.

But apart from this point, we may say well ask ourselves what kind of life is the happiest for men so that life is surely the most successful which is the most truly happy. And we have no right to assume that the conditions of happiness are different in this world and in the other.

Rather we may say that they must be the same for humans everywhere.

Happiness may be defined as the state of mind which is realized by living according to divine order. That order consists of obedience to God’s commandments, chief among which are those which prescribe love to the Lord and love to thy neighbor.

These are indeed the briefest summary of man’s duty. They cannot be put in practice except by act of usefulness and kindness. It follows that true happiness is experienced only in unselfish service for others.

This character trait should be the daily work or calling of every man. According as such is the case with anyone, his life is successful not only as regards his own welfare and his influence on his fellow man here on earth. But also as being the appointed gateway into everlasting life.

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