Dog Health Tip

The diet of a dog (hunting/house) has much to do with the condition of their teeth. Just like us humans. When the teeth are not in good condition, the diet should be changed so that it includes plenty of meat that can be chewed.

Tarter will not form on the teeth when the diet is improved. About one fourth of a teaspoon of powdered charcoal at the evening meal and given three or four times a week will get rid of the tarter on the teeth.

The charcoal, improve the dogs digestion which also plays a roll in the dogs teeth.

Congestion of the liver ad dietary tract will cause the gums on a dog to become soft. If your dog has congestion issues the gums may become swollen tender and spongy.

Dogs that don’t get the enough exercise are often the victims of this. They may become irritable and lazy. When you notice that your dog prefer’s soft food and meat that requires them to chew the food, check their gums and teeth. It also may be a good time for a vet visit. But usually changing their diet will fix this very shortly.

A good way to clean the dog’s intestinal tract is to use a little castor oil or syrup of buckthorn or both. Daily exercise should be a given. also, in aiding in recovery from sore gums, rub some tincture of myrrh on the gums, it is kind of a soothing feeling for your old pal. If you don’t see an improvement in a week or so, a vet visit may be necessary. Like us humans the older we get the worse our teeth are.

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